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2012 Mom of the Year Nominees and Finalists

This year, the Moms Association received several nominations for this honor, and we are proud to recognize the nominees.

Rhonda Banks
Patty Bowley
LaShon Brown
Judy Chessare
Sandra Davis
Suzanne DeSutter
Robyn Deterding
Marypat Luzzo
Madonna Marks
Mary Mauch
Anita Miller
Julie Morgeson
Turkessa Newsone
Helen Niforos
Anita Shelton
Lolita Smith
Amy Tuttle
Lisa Whalley
Jan Zausmer
Jill Zientara
Mary Zytko
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The three finalists for the 2012 Amelia Alpiner Stern Mom of the Year Award are:

Marilyn Becker of Hampshire, IL was nominated by her son Kevin. Kevin describes the aspects of his mom's character he loves such as "her ceaseless wit and clever, spur-of-the-moment songs; her gentle, caring voice when she talks to children; the kindness of her eyes when her sympathy abounds; the sincere interest she takes in the lives and interest of people she knows. These are the things that she ought to be known by—these are the things that make her, truly, great."

Mary Anne Glowacz of Chicago, IL was nominated by her daughter Megan. Megan wrote, "No matter what my future has in store for me, I will always consider my mother to be 'Mom of the Year,' because I know that she will encourage me in whatever path I choose and love me no matter what conditions may arise."
Carol Richard of Fall River, MA was nominated by her niece, goddaughter, and daughter Victoria Dombek. Victoria describes her aunt and legal guardian (her mom in every real sense) as someone who has gone above and beyond the traditional role as a mother. She describes her mother as someone who “helped me through the difficult final year of high school and transition from high school in Massachusetts to college in Illinois. She gave me support when I felt like giving up… she has made all my dreams possible and has done nothing short of saving my life."

The 2012 Amelia Alpiner Stern Mom of the Year is Carol Richard!

mom of year 2012

Congratulations to everyone nominated!