Moms and Dads Association Financial Awards

The Moms Association provides an annual donation to an organization or program that promotes the growth and development of students at Illinois. The Association seeks requests for funding to be reviewed in the late fall to early spring of each year. The Moms Association Board reviews the requests and will invite the recipient to attend the Moms Weekend Kick-off Dinner on Moms Weekend each spring.

The Moms and Dads Associations sponsor an annual Tuition Drawing. First prize is $10,000 and second prize is $5,000. The prize money is used to off-set the costs of tuition and other school expenses. The drawing is normally held during Dads Weekend. The Associations have funded the Career Cluster resource center and the Interactive Media Center at the Undergraduate Library, a McKinley Health Center video, bicycles for the University Police, televisions for the McKinley Health Center waiting areas and a wide variety of other programs with proceeds from the Tuition Drawing.

The Dads Association Scholarships were established during the 1999-2000 academic year. Each year the Dads Association awards scholarships based on merit and financial need to members of the undergraduate student population. To be eligible, the student must have previously filed an application for financial assistance with the Office of Student Financial Aid and his or her parent(s) must be Dads Association member(s).